Interim Ethical Code for Individuals and Local Groups Associated with NDP Momentum

Individuals and groups using the Momentum name must operate according to the following principles at all times:

NDP Momentum promotes the values of the anti-austerity movement popularised by various movements in Europe including Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign of fair, honest debate focused on policies, not personal attacks or harassment.

Momentum is outward-facing. It seeks to reach out across the community and encourages the participation of people who may not have been involved in political activities before. Ensuring the safety and self-expression of everyone is a priority, especially of those who are often marginalised on the basis of their gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, race, religion, class, disability and educational or economic status.

Groups of individuals are encouraged to form local NDP Momentum Groups to share ideas, organise and participate in activities at their local level which demonstrate how socialist, social democratic and traditional NDP values and collective effort can make a positive social and/or environmental impact. These groups must be democratic in their nature and be organised around a spirit of collaboration, inclusion and respect.

NDP Momentum promotes the communication of progressive and radical ideas for political change, such as: opposition to austerity, the promotion of equality and participatory democracy. Momentum is wholly committed to working for progressive political change through methods which are inclusive, participatory and non-violent.

Momentum seeks to build a social movement in support of the NDPs finest traditions for a fairer, socialist and more decent society. Momentum is committed to supporting the NDP winning elections and forming government in 2020 or earlier and seeks positive and productive engagement with local NDP riding associations.

Individuals and/or groups who do not adhere to the above principles will not be considered to be part of, or associated with, NDP Momentum. Please note that NDP Momentum is its embryonic stage as a network organisation. Our Code of Conduct is likely to develop further along with the governance structures of our movement.

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