Rebuilding the NDP as a social movement against austerity

Whereas the NDP is in a rebuilding process and

Whereas many socialist, social democratic and Labour parties internationally are moving in a bold left and anti austerity direction

And whereas these parties are increasingly a part of social movements against poverty and social injustice that are essential to electing socialist or social democratic majority governments

And whereas the NDP has strong links to unions, proudly distinguishing the NDP, like its Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) predecessor, from the two main capitalist parties of Bay st

Therefore Be It Resolved that the NDP actively campaign to increase union/party affiliation, to develop its own independent base of trade union and social movement activists and invite social movements to affiliate to the party. The party actively promotes the idea of building networks of New Democrats that would participate under the party banner at anti-austerity, social justice, equity marches and picket lines and that the NDP hire or allocate two organisers specifically for the purpose of building the NDP as a new social movement.

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